Introducing Compass Point Assist: a cohesive blend of medical, travel logistic, and
assistance expertise. We understand the complexities of health and travel needs, especially when the unexpected occurs. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing responsive, specialized, and compassionate services to travelers, insurers, and TPAs alike. Whether navigating the vibrant landscapes of the DACH region or venturing globally, Compass Point Assist ensures a seamless journey.

About CompassPoint Assist
Compass Point Assist stands as a beacon for global travelers, expats, insurers, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Our expertise is deeply rooted in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). While our foundational services shine in the DACH zone, we extend our reach globally through our tried and trusted network partners. Whether you're a DACH resident embarking on an international expedition, an expatriate nestled within the DACH territories, or an insurer or TPA with insured individuals in this region—no matter your base—our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. Our team of dedicated professionals bridges the realms of medical, travel, and logistical expertise, guaranteeing unmatched support.
Our services
Your Gateway to Comprehensive Assistance Services
From the heart of the DACH region to destinations worldwide,
Compass Point Assist excels in providing a wide array of
assistance services. Whether it's medical assistance and travel support, or technical aid during an automobile accident or simply a
car breakdown, our services are designed to
cater to your diverse needs.

What truly sets us apart?

Multifaceted Expertise: Our team, with extensive experience in

medical, travel, and technical assistance, understands the

unique challenges of each situation, ensuring a smooth and

efficient resolution for every individual.

Vetted Global Network: Leveraging our meticulously vetted
worldwide network, we guarantee top-tier care and logistical
expertise, no matter the nature of the assistance
required or the destination.

Continuous Support: From the initial call to the resolution, our dedicated team remains in constant communication, providing
updates, support, and reassurance throughout your journey with us.

Travel and Logistic Assistance: Simplifying Every Step of Your Journey

Navigating the maze of international travel can be daunting, but with Compass Point Assist, you’re never alone. We pride ourselves on offering holistic travel and logistical support that addresses a myriad of challenges:

Travel Challenges Resolved: From the frustration of a lost passport or plane ticket to the anxiety of being stranded at an unfamiliar airport,
our team swiftly steps in to rectify any situation, ensuring you're back on track without undue stress.

Understanding Regulations: In a world where travel rules are ever-evolving, we provide clear guidance on country-specific entry regulations, visa requirements, and other travel-related protocols. You’ll never find yourself caught off-guard.

Comprehensive Itinerary Management: Beyond crisis management, we excel at itinerary planning and adjustments, ensuring your journey is as seamless as possible, no matter the destination or the circumstances.

Efficient Logistical Support: Our expertise isn’t just limited to travel documentation and regulations. From coordinating transportation to managing accommodation logistics, we have all your travel scenarios covered.

Expat & Global Traveler Support:

Tailored Solutions for a Global Lifestyle

At Compass Point Assist, our reach goes well beyond the borders. Serving DACH residents and expats globally, we've crafted a niche in understanding the diverse needs of individuals who call the world their home.

Decades of European Expertise: Our seasoned team boasts years of experience working with expats not only within the DACH region but across Europe. This vast exposure equips us with insights into the varied challenges faced by the global community.

Holistic Understanding of Healthcare: Navigating European health insurance systems or grappling with local country health regulations? We're well-versed in the intricacies of health provisions for travelers from diverse backgrounds - from students and au pairs to globe-trotting professionals.

Comprehensive Medical Coordination: Regular check-ups or specialized consultations, our expansive network—both local and international—ensures timely and quality medical care. Our affiliations are meticulously vetted to provide you with nothing but the best.

Direct Engagements: Our deep-rooted relationships enable us to deal directly with local health insurers, removing potential roadblocks and streamlining processes.

Broad Clientele: Our services aren't just tailored for individuals. Insurers, TPAs, educational institutions, and corporations all find a trusted partner in Compass Point Assist, making the healthcare journey for their members seamless and efficient.

Seamless Travel Support: Beyond medical aid, we facilitate travel logistics to ensure smooth transitions and reduced hiccups, ensuring a harmonious journey.

From students expanding their horizons to professionals making global moves, Compass Point Assist is the reliable companion ensuring top-notch medical and travel aid.

Support for Insurers and TPAs:

Precision, Compliance, and Collaboration

At Compass Point Assist, our commitment to serving insurance providers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) is anchored in precision, extensive knowledge, and a collaborative spirit.

Deep Dive into Each Case: We don’t just scratch the surface. Every case is meticulously assessed, ensuring that insurance providers and TPAs receive detailed insights. Our expertise drives effective decision-making, resulting in a smooth experience for all stakeholders.

DACH and European Specialization: Our intimate knowledge of the DACH and EU/EEA medical fee schedules positions us to bring unmatched precision to the claim process. With a deep-rooted understanding of the regional nuances, insurers and TPAs are assured of accurate and timely responses.

Hands-on Experience with Industry Giants: Our extensive track record of working directly with insurers and TPAs equips us with a holistic understanding of the industry's needs and challenges. This experience translates to a seamless partnership.

End-to-End Support with TPAs: While our focus remains on medical and travel logistics, our collaborative approach with TPAs ensures a streamlined claim process. By working in tandem, the insured individuals experience an expedited and hassle-free resolution.

Detailed Documentation & System Understanding: Claims processing requires a keen attention to detail. We are adept at understanding documentation and system requirements specific to insurers. This ensures faster processing times and reduced back-and-forth communication.

Compliance at its Core: In an age of digital transparency, we prioritize data protection. Our processes are GDPR compliant, ensuring that the data entrusted to us is managed with the utmost integrity and security.

Trust in Compass Point Assist to be the unwavering link between insurers, TPAs, and the insured, creating a harmonious and efficient ecosystem for medical and travel support.
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Our Expertise
Compass Point Assist is a cornerstone for travelers, expats, and those in need of both medical and travel assistance. Our team of dedicated professionals bridges the realms of medical, travel, and logistical expertise, guaranteeing unmatched support.
  • Specialized Sport Support: Experience Meets Expertise

    Navigating the challenges of adventure sports injuries requires specialized knowledge and a deep understanding of local terrains. At Compass Point Assist:

    - We have firsthand familiarity with the Alps, from their majestic peaks to their most challenging trails.

    - Our intimate knowledge of the local mountain rescue structures ensures swift and efficient response when seconds count.

    - Our strong affiliations with local hospitals position us to provide optimal medical care following sports-related injuries.

    - Leveraging our insights into the intricacies of the DACH region, we offer invaluable guidance on ensuring coverage through travel insurance or European statutory and private health insurance.

    - Through years of collaboration, we've gleaned tips and tricks that guarantee the best medical support and seamless insurance claims processes for adventure enthusiasts and expats alike.

    When the thrill of adventure meets an unforeseen challenge, trust Compass Point Assist to provide unparalleled sport support.
  • Comprehensive Medical Assistance: Navigating Complex European Healthcare
    Comprehensive Medical Assistance: Navigating Complex European Healthcare

    While our support extends beyond the realm of sports, it dives deep into the intricate web of health insurance within the DACH region and across Europe. Here's how Compass Point Assist stands apart:

    - Mastering the Cards: Our team is proficient in the nuances of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). We understand their coverage, limitations, and the critical role they play for travelers and expats across the EU and EEA.

    - Interplay of Insurances: Many travelers are unaware of the intersections between the EHIC, GHIC, and their travel insurance. We provide clarity, ensuring that our clients maximize the benefits from each insurance type, and that they're never caught off-guard by unexpected medical bills.

    - DACH and Beyond: While our expertise is deeply rooted within the DACH region, our knowledge spans the broader European healthcare landscape. Whether it's repatriation services, in-depth understanding of health regulations, or guiding clients through medical processes, we've got every angle covered.

    Choosing Compass Point Assist means opting for a partner who not only knows the path but can expertly guide you through every twist and turn of Europe's medical and travel assistance journey.
  • Travel and Logistic Assistance: Every Journey Made Seamless
    Travel and Logistic Assistance: Every Journey Made Seamless

    Navigating unfamiliar destinations or facing unexpected hiccups during a trip can be overwhelming. At Compass Point Assist, we transform these challenges into mere stepping stones:

    - Pre-Travel Advisory: We collaborate closely with insurers and TPAs to provide pre-travel advice, ensuring clients and insured persons embark on their journeys fully informed and prepared.

    - In-Trip Support: A lost passport, a missed flight, or even an unintended detour on the Autobahn; whatever the hiccup, our seasoned team is at the ready to steer you back on course. Our expertise isn't confined to just major incidents; we assist in all shades of travel challenges.

    - For Everyone, Everywhere: Whether you're a seasoned expat, a first-time tourist, or anywhere in between, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs. We're here to ensure every traveler, irrespective of their journey's nature, feels consistently supported and expertly guided.

    With Compass Point Assist by your side, every journey becomes a harmonized experience, leaving you free to focus on creating lasting memories.

Behind the Compass:

Guiding Health and Adventure in

the DACH Region

"Living as an expat, I've intimately experienced the exhilaration and challenges that come with a life across borders. My tenure in the travel and medical assistance industry has been extensive, building a reservoir of expertise and understanding that our clients can confidently rely upon. This inspired the creation of CompassPoint Assist—a harmonious blend of seasoned professionals, both informed locals and those with expat backgrounds. Our mission? To transform uncertainties into unforgettable experiences. Welcome to CompassPoint Assist, where your journey, wherever it may lead, is our top priority."

Jennifer Milton
CompassPoint Assist Founder
Our team of experts
  • Experienced Assistance Professionals: With a background spanning both medical and travel assistance, our team combines global standards with localized insights, ensuring that our clients receive services that are both comprehensive and contextually apt.

  • Certified Medical Team: Our promise of top-tier medical support is underpinned by our certified medical personnel, equipped with the skills and knowledge to address diverse medical challenges while ensuring optimal care.
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